"Erase and Expand" are two concepts that aren't usually found together.

Here at LifeChange, they are!




In its first 16 years, LifeChange Camp has built 11 buildings, a lake, swimming pool and many other amenities using the help of hundreds of faithful donors and volunteers. Under the conviction of "pay as you go" with the Lord's provision, we have had to borrow money very seldom. A state-required septic system leading up to a summer camp left us with an $80,000 loan through our denomination that we would like to ERASE by the end of the year.

With your help we will be able to reach this goal.




One of our amazing facilities here at LifeChange Camp is our open air pavilion. Now "open air" is great for summertime use but not so much during the winter. With nearly 50 different church groups using LifeChange as their fall/winter retreat location September through May, it is our hope to enclose this facility with glass roll-up garage doors. This improvement would greatly EXPAND our retreat ministry possibilities.


To 'ERASE and EXAPND' we are seeking to raise $180,000. You can partner in this effort by praying for us, by telling others about LifeChange Camp, and by participating with a generous gift. Please send your gift to LifeChange Camp 351 NE 831 Rd, Clinton, MO 64735. Thank you for all you do for us and the Kingdom of God.