Staff Opportunities

Have you ever considered working or volunteering at a Bible camp?  LifeChange offers many different types of opportunities to do just that.

  • Construction teams – Over the years almost every building on our campus has been built by volunteers teams from across the country.  Teams from Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere have given thousands of hours to build LifeChange Camp.  Your men’s or women’s group at church or youth group may want to consider making LCC their next mission trip destination.


  • Hired Summer Staff – Every year we seek out the best college age or upper high school students available to serve for 8 weeks as head counselors for our summer camps.  These high quality young people are trained and prepared to serve their campers well.  They help them with all aspects of their camp experience and often are privileged to lead them to Jesus.  Should you be one of them this summer?  It will be the hardest job you will ever love.  Contact us for application information, or fill out an application with the link on the right sidebar. 


  • LifeSupport Team -  High school students who are still too young to serve on our paid staff, can apply to be part of LifeSupport.  This special service team can work at LifeChange for up to three weeks each summer in a very significant support role.  They set up chairs, help with cleaning, prepare camp fires, set up archery and BB gun ranges, groundskeeping, waterfront care, food service, etc. all the while getting the fun of camp life.  Without our LifeSupport Team, operating a week of camp would be very difficult.  Both youth and adults may apply for these positions.  The cost is $50/week to help defray the cost of your food. Contact us for more information. 


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